Welcome to 2019

Published on: 2019-01-16
Category: General news

In the beginning of a year I always ask myself:’What changed from December  till January?”. Every year the answer is the same: “Nothing”. We continue with our days, work and life and we don’t really give ourselves the time to reflect on what was good, bad and ugly during the previous year. We don’t make time and change the things that is bad and ugly. So, this year, I decided to physically do things different. Change my routine of work, Change the way that I feel and react to people and most of all, make time to pray and be silent.

I hope you have the privilege of making time this year to think about what contribution you really make to this world. Prime Link’s Mission statement says: “To Serve our purpose to the best of our ability today”. So, my focus for the beginning of the year is to plan to achieve this mission more.

So, by starting to communicate more with our Clients, I want to make people more aware of what the benefit is to make use of consultants such as Prime Link. The following differentiate us:

A dedicated, passionate team of auditors and consultants
People that don’t give you a template to work on, but really make an effort to understand your business and then supply you with valuable, usable information
Be your partner to improve your business
Not it it for the money, because then we would have done something else
We are in it for your development, your people’s development and most of all,
We are in it to make a difference in how we offer services and products in Africa.  Nobody wants substandard services or products. Let’s make that happen!
Below is our Newsletter for January. Please comment and send us more information that you want to share. Sharing is the motto of the Millennials! The future generation of the World! Let’s share!

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