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For ONLINE sessions you will need the following:

  • PC or Laptop – At least 2GB RAM is recommended. If using a laptop, ensure there is enough battery charge for the duration of the session or better plug into a power source. 
  • A good quality Webcam (may be integrated or standalone cameras) and Headset (USB headsets are preferred) is recommended. It is advisable not to use in ear earphones as these can become uncomfortable over time. It is also advisable not to use Bluetooth headsets as these can be affected by other Bluetooth devices nearby.  
  • High speed internet – A wired connection is preferred, especially if you have a laptop and the wireless signal is weak or drops out.  
  • We also recommend that delegates find a place that is comfortable, quiet and free from interruptions.
  • A maximum of 30 online students are allowed
  • Various sessions are offered during office and after hours (Keep a look out on our Facebook page for Webinars) @primelinksheq.

For CLASSROOM sessions:

  • Costs depend on the amount of learners registering on the Classroom course
  • Courses can be offered on-site / at offices with a reduction of Venue costs per day
  • Courses offered at our training venue’s will be additional costs for the Venue and for Beverages, Tea/Coffee and Lunch
  • A Minimum of 5 students are required for our Venue’s and a Maximum of 20 learners per class is allowed