The SHEQ IMS Course started !

Published on: 2014-02-24

Lift off  for SHEQ IMS Course !! DO NOT Miss out on this years opportunity of the year ! UNISA get’s involved….

Our SHEQ IMS Students were very exited about our Site Visit to A-thermal on 21st February.

We would like to thank Mr. Ronnie Ramutshila, SHEQ Manager of A-thermal, for his contribution to the SHEQ IMS Course allowing the students to visit their site. The learners were exposed to observing critical chemical processes at A-thermal. More detailed information about the students experience will be published soon.

During Module 1 the learners were equipped with detailed information about the importance of the Communication  process, Change Management, Cultural differences and Diversity during the implementation of an Integrated Management System.

New comers to the SHEQ industry were exited about the practical way that the presentations were presented and participation were made easy with our small but dedicated group of students.

Nadine Du Plessis (Recent Graduate in BA Psychology, Criminology and Justice) had the following to say about the first Module of the SHEQ IMS Course:

” I found it very interesting and learned a lot of new things that I can apply in future. The visit to the site gave me a new perspective on what people are exposed to in the workplace and the team spirit of the SHEQ Students and good food were an extra bonus !”

We cannot wait for Module 2 ! Come and join our SHEQ IMS Team ! UNISA is now looking at this course to be presented ON-LINE in 2015 !