” ONE with Nature”- Wellness Programme

Do you want to improve your  Physical, Psychological and Spiritual wellbeing?


If your answer is YES, you want to contact us immediately for a FREE online consultation.

If your answer is NO, you might be a person that is Physically fit, Psychologically stable and Spiritually strong,  therefore you could inspire others. You might want to become part of our Wellness Advocates to enable others to become well!

What are the benefits of being part of this exciting opportunity?

  • Understand and take control of your physical, emotional and spiritual health status;
  • Set and achieve your goals, becoming a Physical Fit and Emotional stable person with a strong belief system;
  • Have purpose for YOU, Your Team, As Employee and in your Community;
  • Know your health status within a few minutes and affordable rates;
  • Get immediate treatment for certain illnesses through  tested, natural treatment;
  • ONE call might just make a difference in your Wellbeing.

What do we offer?

  • Health risk assessments at corporates
  • Occupational health services (on-site and mobile clinics)
  • Wellness programmes within the organisation
  • Health Assessments (Scio and Physical assessments by Registered Nurses
  • Holistic and Natural Treatment Plans @ affordable rates
  • Proven Natural Supplements, Essential Oils and natural food products
  • Personal Lifestyle Programmes @ affordable prices.(Cycling, Walking, Running, Swimming and many more. Virtual fitness programmes !)
  • Personal Development Programmes (Leadership development, Personal Profile analysis, Team development)

How do we identify your health imbalances and Well-being characteristics?

  • Personal ProfileAnalysis
  • Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation (SCIO Assessment)
  • Physical health assessment
  • Live Blood Analysis
  • Tree of Fruits and Gifts Analysis

The Unique ONE WITH NATURE Wellness Programme was designed for the improvement of HEALTH through a thorough health assessment processes resulting in natural therapy protocols. More often we find that natural healing have the most extraordinary results! We do however encourage our clients to consult their medical practitioners as well.

Where do you start your Wellbeing journey ?

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Sit with Jacques Engelbrecht on his couch to find out what he and his Wellness Advocate Team can do for you. He achieved his BA Psychology Degree in 1993 and is a professional coach and master personal profiling analysis techniques for the last 15 years!
He is the man to have on your team if “The Team” needs motivation. Various organisations such as ABSA, SARB, EOH,  south 32, Austell Pharmaceuticals, Standard Bank and many more is some of his success stories.

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Join me on our FREE Wellness Webinars!

Every Friday Morning 05h30 – 06h00, 06h00 – 06h30, 06h30 – 07h00, 07h00 – 07h30
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This very impact full session includes:

  1. Introduction to our 1 With Nature Wellness Programme
  2. Brief overview of the Enneagram Personal Profile Assessment
  3. How to successfully connect with yourself
  4. How to successfully connect with others
  5. Personal Triggers and coping meganisms

These webinars will be presented by Marianne van Niekerk, Owner and Director of Prime Link and 1 With Nature.
Marianne is qualified as Registered Nurse and Member of the Society for Private Nurse Practitiners of SA.
She is further a Lead Auditor in International ISO Standards and have more than 20 years work experience that she want to share with you.