Strategic Planning and Objectives

In today’s world we are challenged to constantly think whether we need to move from our current position towards something or somewhere else. To move is to be alive. To move is to evolve. To move is to challenge yourself. The question stays, Where to? What can be different than where I am now.  These questions can be asked on a personal level and in business. So, let’s look at strategies that some businesses follow to move forward.

We believe that ISO Standards are one of the most reliable strategies that a business can follow. Although ISO gives us the structure to align our business processes with, we can see the big picture, but we don’t see the secrets of how applying the structure makes our business processes more efficient. Therefore, Prime Link now implement the 3C-i Strategy as an option that will make that happen!

The focus of this strategy is to zoom in on the bottom line.
The 3C-I Strategy focus on: 


With the unique knowledge and experience from everyone in the organisation in performance evaluation, control of operational activities, management of communication and retention of data, everybody in the company can be part of this strategy. To understand how to comply with ISO standards and improve your business, both these strategies need to be applied. We offer:

  • Differentiating ideas
  • Powerful tactics
  • High impact and highly visible solutions
  • Bold deeds
  • Driving performance
  • Customer satisfaction (Internal & External)

Consult us to take you from ZERO……. To Where you can be!


Shaan Prithiraj
Professional Engineer

Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality Objectives

Setting SHEQ Objectives must be part of the Strategic vision for the business. The following aspects must be part of the plan to achieve sustainability in any organization.

How can Prime Link assist you to manage these aspects easier and at reduced costs?


Our Workplace Safety packages are focused on compliance with the OHS Act No. 85 of 1993 and includes:
– Training (SHE Rep, First Aid, Fire Fighting, Ladder Inspector, Incident Investigator and all legally required training) – All HWSETA accredited;
– OHS Legal Compliance Audits conducted by Attorney’s that specialise in assisting companies with legal cases;
– Monthly Maintenance of Health & Safety Files, inspections, reporting, conducting Health & Safety committee meetings with your team. (See our Health & Safety Package)
– ISO 45001 preparation for Certification (Our Internationally qualified Auditors, Document Managers and System Administrators assist you with this process and the Maintenance of ISO Certification.


Occupational Health and Hygiene Services  are offered through reputable suppliers. We ensure that our Client’s on-site clinics are audited by Occupational Health Nursing Practitioners and offers a wide range of services.
Click here: OH, HS


Our Environmental Services includes:
– EMS Legal compliance audits conducted by our Legal team of Attorney’s;
– EMS ISO 14001:2015 Training is offered for organizations that want to certify;
– EMS Advanced Management System Training and many other courses are available;
– Environmental Impact Assessments, Aspect and Impact Registers and relevant consulting is offered as well.


Quality Management is the core of our business. To do the Right thing Right the First time, is our motto!  Plan before you DO, or don’t PLAN at all!
Our Integrated Outsourced Solution is the Flag Ship of our services. Integration of processes and all the aspects above (SHEQ) is part of the DNA of our company! We understand the operational challenges, Behaviour Changes and Challenges that an organisation have to face during integration. We employee highly skilled Employees that understand the psychology behind Employee behaviour. This is an aspect that is crucial during the implementation and maintenance of a Quality Management System.

All above aspects have to be managed electronically or else, your life will become a Paper driven nightmare! Let us help you to make this part of your business easier.

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