Information Technology Services


PRIME LINK offers our SHEQ Integrated Software Solution that is already proven in various industries to assist in the effective management of SHEQ risks.

Choose from the following SUITES:

– Occupational Health and Safety Suite
– Environmental Suite
– Energy Management Suite
– Food Safety Suite
– Quality Suite
– Corporate Compliance Suite

Compliment each of the above management suites with the following management Tools:

– Customized Legal Registers
– Legal Library
– Risk Assessment Manager
– Task Manager
– Non-conformance Manager
– Document Manager
– Asset Manager
– Audit Manager
– Business Intelligence Manager (Reporting)

Send an email to:  and type “DEMO REQUESTED” in the subject line. You will receive 2 days access to a DEMO site.

What you can expect to view on the DEMO?

  1. Choose any of the following management system solutions to maintain your SHEQ System.
  2. Click on the drop downs to navigate to the modules
  3. Read the instructions for each module and play around
  4. Remember, if you load any task, non-conformance or document, send it to “Joe Soap”
  5. To ensure that you make an informed decision on your Software Solution, our project team will assist in the following way:

STEP 1: Analysis of ALL your current software and processes required to be controlled. During this session our Project Team will discuss your exact needs and budget requirements
STEP 2: Presenting a PROOF OF CONCEPT to your management team in order to ensure that all your requirements can be met
STEP 3: Authorise system functionality and Set-up instructions
STEP 4: Technical  Set-up
STEP 5: Populate the software system with current and historical data (Risk assessments, Documents, Checklists, etc.)
STEP 6: Train all users on the Software System
STEP 7: Provide ongoing on /off-site support


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