Software Solutions

We are constantly evaluating various software solutions to fit our Clients needs. One thing is certain, a Software Solution must be customizable. One size DOES NOT fit all.

Quality criteria of a Software Solution

  • Reliability
  • Customizable without compromising on the integrity of the data
  • User friendly
  • Address and integrate business processes (As far as possible)
  • Manage and secure information

Small, Medium and Large Enterprises can manage Governance, Risk and Compliance Strategies on our system.

System Functions includes:

  • User Profile manager
  • Communication broadcasting
  • Action manager
  • Dashboard and business intelligence
  • Notification manager
  • Document manager
  • Document templates control
  • Process manager
  • Report manager
  • Meeting manaer
  • Strategic objectives and targets manager
  • Risk manager
  • Legal register manager
  • Legal appointment manager
  • Change manager
  • Improvement suggestion manager
  • Permit manager
  • Stakeholder manager (Community, contractor, suppliers, customers, government, shareholders, unions)
  • Emergency preparedness manager
  • Employee manager (Work history, education, licenses, Medical history, related injuries, Personal KPI’s)
  • PPE manager
  • Medical surveillance manager
  • Audit manager
  • Inspection manager
  • Incident / Event manager
  • Calibration manager
  • Non-conformance manager
  • Asset manager
  • Workorder manager
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) manager

All of these modules can be managed by our Document and Systems administrators that are qualified internal auditors in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22001, ISO 27001. They have advanced experienced to ensure the following:

Document Controller responsibilities

  1. Develop new documents
  2. Manage document changes
  3. Receive and align documents to ISO and legal requirements
  4. Upload and manage documents on online platform
  5. Distribute documents to stakeholders
  6. Control documents according to Document control procedure
  7. Develop SHE file structures online and maintain records with the Systems Administrator

Systems Administrator responsibilities

  1. Train users on online platform
  2. Collect operational records
  3. Review operational records for compliance and integrity of information
  4. Upload operational records such as PPE registers, Toolbox talks, Quality check records, Calibration records, etc.  on online platforms
  5. Assist during audits to obtain evidence records and support users and auditors
  6. Submit monthly compliance review for ISO, Legal or business requirements
  7. Ensure protection of information as per legal and information security requirements
  8. Load Non-conformances and ensure content are correct. Distribute and send reminders of overdue NCR’s
  9. Submit weekly reports on progress of deliverables
  10. Manage COVID-19 records and send COVID-19 reports monthly to HR / SHEQ manager
  11. Manage incident records to ensure legal compliance

Above positions can be combined and can be full time outsourced to our Call Centre.


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