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Automation and Integration is the way to go! In partnership with Strategix’s X-GRC Product range, we offer a seamless implementation of any ISO Standard.
The X-GRC Product Range are fully compliant with ISO 27001. Prime Link offer our SOFTLINK package that includes Full time Systems Administrators to ensure the integrity of your data is 100%!

We evaluated various software solutions over the past 3 years. One thing is certain, a Software Solution must be customizable. One size DOES NOT fit all.

Click on our X-GRC – Brochure-2019 to view the Benefits and Features. (Just called SOFTLINK due our Systems Administrator’s package)
Small to Medium Enterprises can now become certified on any ISO Standard by utilizing the X-GRC product range. We partner with you to make that happen!

Large Enterprises can manage the whole business on this system. Dashboards that show you exactly what is going on in your business is one of the Top Features and assist in identifying Risk areas immediately.

Integrated Risk Assessments to not only identify, but to manage your Enterprise Risks, Health & Safety Risks,  Quality Risks and also Opportunities that can improve your business, at the click of a button!

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Prime Link, in partnership with X-GRC Product Range / Strategix offers a range of software solutions. Call us today to assist you with implementation and full Systems Administrator’s package.