Product – Legal Training

Our legal team takes pride in their offering of Legal Compliance Training. They ensure that students are empowered with knowledge and after class support. We aim to transfer knowledge, but also teach you how to conduct your own internal legal audits. Our software solutions give you a comprehensive Audit Tool to reduce consultancy costs as well !

View an example of Electrical Installations Regulations Audit Tool


Some of our legal training courses include the following:

1. Legal Liability and Corporate Governance for Executives – 1 Day
2. Company Liabilities – 1 day
3. Human Resources Liability (EE Act, BCEA,etc) – 1 day
4. SHE Legal Liability and Corporate Governance 5 Day Workshop – For line managers
5. SHE Legal Liability for Employees
6. Customized Legal Liability courses (As per needs identified by the client)
7. Statutory appointment related training (OHS Act and MHS Act and HIRA)
8. Environmental Legal compliance workshop (2 Days)

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