Training and Development

The Prime Link Training Academy utilize reputable Training Providers. We guarantee that students will have a high quality of training and support to achieve their Academic goals.  All courses are accredited at the quality assurance bodies below,  or registered as Skills Programmes at SAIOSH.

The concept of HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT  is one of the Key Processes that need to be controlled in an organization because it is one of the most important resources and one of the highest risk for any organization. Human Capital Development refers to:

  • On-the-job Development through Coaching
  • Facilitation or practical workshops
  • Active work experience in a certain position
  • Learnerships
  • Career Pathing
  • Personal Performance Evaluations, etc.

Education is an investment and forms part of the Human Resources Process.  The Workforce is an asset to the organization and should be protected, but also carefully selected before “buying” this asset. When an organization invests in human capital as an asset, this asset should ensure that the organization show improvement of the Quality of Work. Therefore in today’s economic era, no organization can afford to “buy” an asset without a benefit.


It is imperative that the person that transfer knowledge and the receiver of information understand each other. Our approach with training is slightly different from other training providers. We believe that the student drives the transfer of knowledge and the facilitator must be able to read the profile of the student effectively in order to transfer knowledge effectively. Therefore, we offer a Personal Profile Assessment when we guide students on what course to start with. Courses can be done online or classroom training can be provided.

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