Evolving and Trends Analysis

What does it mean to evolve your business?

One might think that evolution of a business is just growing profits and client base or expand your footprint to other countries or areas. I see evolution of a business a bit different.

Business evolution is taking your business to the next step. The next step will depend on what your current status is and where do you want to go. Below is a few pointers to consider:

1.Get the best employees

You might have a group of employees that work for you already. Work efficiency is good and customers are currently happy with their services. BUT, they can improve. Levels of improvement can be to:

-Multi-skill them in order to expand their own personal growth as well as utilizing their skills more efficiently;
-Train your people self, because you are the greatest SME of your business OR Quality control what ever the facilitator you appoint must train;
-Teach them to adapt. Business is ever changing;

  1. Use the latest tech

Similar to the world, technology is constantly evolving. Do proper research as to where your software or hardware is going in the future. Partner with a reputable company in order to grow with them. Cloud technology, Artificial intelligence is solutions that your software and hardware partner should already do or plan for.

How should you evaluate your software solution?

According to ISO 9126 – Software Quality Characteristics, the following criteria must be applied:


  1. Be Flexible and Innovative

Growing or Evolving does not necessarily mean getting bigger. It can just mean that you adapt or becoming more flexible in your business. With the newly applied technology, office hours and working from home becomes a reality that all businesses must consider. In certain regions, it takes up to 2 hours for people to drive to the workplace. This makes workers unproductive for 4 hours of the day ! Let alone the risk of them being in accidents. Management by measuring deliverables can be done easier today through the application of functional Business Management Systems. The “No work, No Pay” solution is something that companies more often implement. Payments are done based on achieved deliverables.

  1. Create new, workable products and services

Attend our ISO 9126 and ISO 27001 Courses to understand how to apply these criteria in your business.

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