Software Solutions

Managing business Processes, documentation, actions, non-conformances, tasks, Employees, etc. manually, is really a daunting task and creates unnecessary risks for your business. There are SO many benefits of automation and retention of data in the cloud.


Data / Information Security and Accessibility
Keep data safe and regulated with built in protection
Increase productivity
Eliminate redundant processes and automate tasks
Reduce duplication of work
Improve trend analysis due to more data to work with
Improve productivity amongst staff through centralisation of information
Improve collaboration and communication
Streamline process efficiency
Automate business process across departments
Break down silo’s within the organisation
Improve Accessibility and Visibility
Foster a culture of growth
Easy access to information can measure effectiveness of your business processes
Easier identify risk areas
Establish competitive advance with your competition
Stay on top of technology solutions and stay ahead of others
Improve reporting and forecasting’s
Improve mobility and Flexibility
Work from home or anywhere with mobile friendly solutions
– Save costs
– Reduce office infrastructure and work from home!
– Faster, more accurate access to customers information and improved business processes
– Integrated management systems so that all data is in one location


A Software solution that can manage:
A fully integrated Business Management System including:

1. Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality systems (SHEQ)
2. Information security systems (ISMS)
3. Environmental Management system (EMS)
4. Enterprise Risk Management System (ERM)
5. Business Continuity Management System (BCM)
6. Integrated Asset Management System (IAM)
7. Occupational Health and Wellness Management System (OHW)


Different levels of user licenses enable you to afford this system. Not everybody has to have access to all modules. You can customise and choose the amount of licenses on a month-month basis !
Any Small, Medium or Large Enterprise can afford this!


1. Broadcasting information
2. Actions and non-conformances
3. Audits
4. Inspections
5. Calibrations
6. Assets
7. Workorders
8. Documentation and Records
9. Processes
10. Meetings
11. Risk assessments
12. Incidents and Investigations
13. Objectives and targets
14. Legal registers and compliance
15. Legal appointments
16. Change management
17. Improvement suggestions
18. Permits
19. Vehicles
20. Stakeholders (Clients, Community, Contractors, Suppliers, Shareholders, Government, Unions)
21. Emergencies
22. Employee management (Work history, Education and Qualifications, Licenses, medical history, related injuries, performance evaluations, Training, PPE registers, Medical surveillance)

With this variety of solutions, you can manage your business and we can assist by appointing our Document and Systems Administrators to ease you into using and maintaining the system.

Customization to fit your business needs like a glove is also possible.