Information Security, Privacy and Software Solutions

Information Security and Privacy

Information security and privacy of data is somewhat a phenomenon that are much talked about in the last few years. Information security, also referred to as “Safeguarding of data”,  is a much wider element that organisations must take into consideration into their Corporate Governance Strategies.

Privacy, also referred to as “Safeguarding of people’s identity”, becomes a very high risk for organisations to deal with due to lack of understanding which risks might be applicable, due to the distribution of personal information.


Protection of Personal Information Act, No. 4 of 2014

With the Protection of Personal Information Act, No. 4 of 2014, South Africa are facing an gigantic task to inform all organisations and citizens,  across the country about the requirements of this Act and how it will impact organisations.
Therefore, our Information Security, Privacy and Legal Teams are ready with various solutions to assist your organisation.

The following products and services are offered by our teams to ensure compliance with Internationally recognized standards requirements.



Management systems such as ISO 27001(Information Security Management System), ISO 27702 (Security Techniques), 27701 (Privacy Information Management System), NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), COBIT-5 (Control Objectives for Information Technologies) can assist organisations to maintain compliance with Information Security and Privacy requirements.

  • Development and Implementation of Information Security Management Systems
  • Software Solutions enabling organisations to implement requirements relevant to it’s processes, from above Standards, with the minimum disruptions of operations, but ensuring effective and sustainability of systems
  • Coaching and Training Key staff members to ensure that systems can be managed internally to eventually run the systems with internal resources and outsource only certain aspects to our Team
  • Independent Legal and Systems Auditing to measure current compliance statuts and furhter ensure continual improvement of compliance

Benefits of Information Security Systems

  • Maintain high quality information to support business decisions
  • Ensure the achievement of Strategic and Operational Objectives through effective and innovative use of Information Technology
  • Enable the organisation to achieve operational excellence through reliable, efficient application of controls stipulated by above standards
  • Maintain Information Security and Privacy risks at a tolerable level
  • Ensure high level of integrity and reputation

Software Solutions

So often, expensive and totally overrated software solutions are bought by organisations, just to find that too many modules, complicated implementation and/or system maintenance goes hand in hand with it. Therefore it’s imperative to choose a system that works for your organisation. A System that are Customizable, yet have data intelligence in that assist your organisation to easy implement and maintain it.



A few things to look out for in a Software Solution

  • Easy and customizable Set-up
  • Provide modules that are relevant to your organisation
  • Reliable data always depend on “Who put it in the system”, therefore a Credible, Competent Systems Administrator
  • Adaptable / Agile
  • Functional
  • Maintainable
  • User friendly from the start
  • Portable

What benefits must a Software System have for the organisation?

  • Foster a culture of growth
  • Accessible Data
  • Safeguarding of Data
  • Improve productivity 
  • Measure productivity better
  • Eliminate manual processes and automate tasks and streamline process efficiency
  • Reduce duplication of work
  • Improve trend analysis due to more data to work with
  • Centralisation of information
  • Improve collaboration and communication through Accessibility and Visibility of Data
  • Make it easier to  identify risk areas and Improve reporting and forecasting’s
  • Establish competitive advance with your competition if you stay on top of technology solutions
  • Improve mobility and flexibility (Especially with our “Work from home” Environment”
  • Performance monitoring

PRO’s For the Worker

  • Offer a better Work-Life Balance for workers
  • Offer location independance for workers
  • Offer flexibility for workers without compromising on deliverables
  • Customised work environment
  • Reduce costs (Travelling, Vehicle maintenance, Corporate wear,etc.)

PRO’s For the Organisation

  • Reduce Commuting and therefore reduce Environmental pollution, Stress and Accidents
  • Reduce organisational costs (Infrastructure, Office furniture and equipment, Security services, etc.)
  • Faster, more accurate access to customers information and improved business processes
  • Integrated management systems so that all data is in one location

CONS for the Employee

  • Remote working is not for all types of profiles. Some people need people to operate at work
  • Home environment might nog be conducive to operate at home (Infrastructure, Kids at home, Noisy environment,etc.)
  • Less interaction with colleugues might result in ineffective communication
  • Burnout (Some people might not be able to distinguish between “Work” and “Home” time)

CONS for Employer

  • Lack of communication and team motivation
  • Unmonitored performance result in managing accountability
  • More frequent breaks might result in ineffective performance
  • Security concerns (Both Physical and Technological)
  • Burnout (Some people might not be able to distinguish between “Work” and “Home” time)

Software modules that can manage the following Business Management Systems

1. Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality systems (SHEQ)
2. Information security systems (ISMS)
3. Environmental Management system (EMS)
4. Enterprise Risk Management System (ERM)
5. Business Continuity Management System (BCM)
6. Integrated Asset Management System (IAM)
7. Occupational Health and Wellness Management System (OHW)


Different levels of user licenses enable you to afford this system. Not everybody has to have access to all modules. Any Small, Medium or Large Enterprise can afford this! You can customise and choose the amount of licenses on a month-month basis. These licenses include:

License Type User Privilidges
Standard User License The Standard user has access to all modules as granted by system admin. (Normally allocated to: Health & Safety Manager, Quality Managers, Information Security Manager & Systems Administrator)
Limited User License The Limited user will have access to Dashboards, Action Management, Document Manager, User Profile and 3 allocated modules. (Normally allocated to: All District managers + SHE Officers, Branch Managers, Selected HOD’s)
Dashboard User License The Dashboard user has access to Dashboards, Action Management, User Profile and Document Manager. (Normally allocated to: Executives, HOD’s)
Action Users The Action user has access to the Action Manager, Document Manager and User Profile. Will be able to manage Actions allocated from any of the modules, but not view the modules. (Normally allocated to: SHE reps, Supervisors, Line Managers,Contractors)
Software Application A software application is available per user to activate an application on any mobile device for easy remote use

NOTE: Call us for a comprehensive demonstration and then choose options that you can afford. Once-off fees for Set-up will be applicable.
A fulltime Systems Administrator @ a minimal monthly fee is mandatory to maintain the integrity of the system and overall support to successfully implement and maintain the system.


Broadcasting information  Actions and non-conformance management  Audits  Inspections  Incidents and Investigations
Asset management Documentation and Records Meeting management  Risk assessments  Objectives and targets management
Workorders Process Analysis Calibrations Legal appointment management  Change management
Improvement suggestions  Permit management Vehicle / Fleet management Stakeholders (Clients, Community, Contractors, Suppliers, Shareholders, Government, Unions)  Emergencies
Employee management:  Work history, Education and Qualifications, Licenses, medical history, related injuries, performance evaluations, Training, PPE registers, Medical surveillance
Modules available @ Additional costs
Legal registers  Drivecams for Trucks  Vehicle Tracker Functionality  Some customizable solutions

Further to our Software, we can also offer:

  • Assessments to establish compliance for Information Security and Privacy Practices
  • Development of project plans to effectively implement an Information Security Management System
  • Assist with implementation and/or maintain your Information Security Management System (IS-MS) with your internal teams
  • Assign Systems Administrators to maintain the integrity of your IS-MS
  • Offer Software Solutions that address various needs
  • Set-up and customise a system for your organisation at a reasonable cost
  • Implement the software system
  • Maintain the software solution within our scope
  • Roll-out to different regions

With this variety of solutions, you can manage your business and we can assist by appointing our Document and Systems Administrators to ease you into using and maintaining the system.

Call us today for a solution that fit your exact needs. Email: / Call: 084 912 8784