Legal Consulting Services

Our team of attorneys and advocates are available to prepare informed and peer review legal opinions on matters related to our fields of specialisation. This will include a reasoned assessment of how statutory and common law is to be interpreted, how a court would interpret it and how it applies to specific circumstances experienced by the client.

What can we offer?

  1. Litigation

    1. Preparing for legal cases
    2. Unlawful arrest or claims
  2. Criminal legal support and consulting
  3. Corporate legal support and consulting
  4. General legal support and consulting
  5. Development and procurement of contracts and Agreements
  6. Personal legal support
    1. Preparing and handling CCMA cases
    2. Personal liability support
    3. Personal injuries
  7. Legal training Legislation requirements Awareness and Interpretation
    1. Legal Liability for Management (OHS Act and MHS Act)
    2. Legal Liability for Employees (OHS Act and MHS Act)
    3. Legal Liability for Health and Safety Representatives (OHS Act and MHS Act)
    4. Incident Investigation (OHS Act and MHS Ac)
    5. Legal Risk Assessment (OHS Act and MHS Act) or HIRA
    6. Statutory Appointment related training (OHS Ac and MHS Act)
    7. Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Awareness (Induction)
    8. Company Liability for EXCO
    9. Human Resources Liability (EE Act, BCEA)