Legal & Corporate Governance Services

Legal Services

Legal compliance is the foundation of any organisation. One would think that all business owners would make compliance with legislation a priority that should not EVER be at the lowest level of the budget. Yet, many companies struggle to stay within their compliance requirements. Various reasons have been put forward for non-compliance  within an organisation and within the African market, the consequence of non-compliance is often totally missing!

Our team at Prime Link consisting of Attorneys, Advocates, Risk specialists and Compliance officers are available to prepare legal opinions on matters related to our fields of specialisation. This will include a reasoned assessment of how statutory and common law is to be interpreted, how a court would interpret it and how it applies to specific circumstances experienced by the client.

To ensure compliance is not hindering your organisation to prosper, we offer a few solutions described below.

Litigation (Preparing for legal cases, Unlawful arrest or claims)
Criminal legal support and consulting
Corporate legal support and consulting
General legal support and consulting
Development and procurement of contracts and Agreements
Personal legal support (Preparing and handling CCMA cases, Personal liability support, Personal injuries)
Legal training Legislation requirements Awareness and Interpretation (OHS Act, MHSA, POPIA,NEMA, EE Act, BCEA and many more on all levels of the organisation)


Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance enables organisations to achieve the Strategic Goals, Identify and Mitigate different types of risks and assure Compliance. Good corporate governance ensure that Stakeholders, Management and Board of Directors are in sync with the Strategic direction of the organisation.




What benefit is there is applying good Corporate Goverance Strategies?
  • Business processes are streamlined and are more functional
  • Improved direction to all managers
  • Alignment of all operating levels with the Strategic direction of the organisation
  • Compliance with internal and external controls, including legal and statutory requirements
What must the Board of Directors consider when building a sustainable Corporate Governance Strategy?
  • The Strategy must be based on Compliance requirements and
  • The risk appetite of the organisation and then
  • The Application of controls to ensure that Strategic Objectives are met and risks are mititgated to a tolerable level
How to ensure Sustainability?
  • Sustainability of an organisation is a very unique balance between DEMAND and SUPPLY
  • The control of internal and external risks,  impacting business processes insignificantly and significantly must be addressed
  • An organisation cannot exist in isolation. Relationships with stakeholders such as Regulators, Suppliers, Employees, Contractors, Neighbours needs and expectations must be considered and incorporated
  • A company culture that are based on respect, trust and mutual benefits that promotes integrity,  is the base of any organisation’s sustainability
A few benefits of corporate governance may include the following
  • Compliance with adopted legal, statutory and any other requirements
  • Reduction of various types of costs, if effectively implemented
  • Process streamlining resulting in more effective operational control
  • A positive, trustworthy culture resulting in high standard of integrity and an improved reputation
Corporate governance strategies (CGS)

Each organisation’s corporate governance strategies will be dependant on the size, complexity and risk appetite of the organisation.
Some issues to be aware off when developing a CGS.

  • Not following the organisation’s Strategic direction, Vision, Mission and Values
  • Setting complicated and unrelatistic objectives to be achieved
  • Excluding certain stakeholders
  • Excluding legal and statutory or any other stakeholder requirements
  • Not setting boundaries through the establishment of policies and procedures
  • Not allocating clear Roles, Accountabilitiy and Responsibilities
  • Not reviewing and applying operational control
What can we do for you?
  • Review current Strategic direction, vision, mission and values
  • Review and measure the gaps between your Strategy and Compliance requirements
  • Re-align the strategy with operational outputs required
  • Align Organisational Hierarchy and allocation of Roles, Accountability and Responsibilities
  • Audit operational processes against internal controls
  • Complete the gaps identified with the internal teams
  • Measure improvement
Any many more....

Call us today to arrange a meeting with your Board Members and/or Top Management. We look forward to assist with a CGS strategy that works for you.

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