Prime Link get ready for 2014 !

Published on: 2013-10-14

Dear clients,

In the light of our Year End “Fever”, I would like to thank everyone that assisted in bringing together the “Links” and “Puzzle’s” during 2013. Prime Link made slow, but sustainable progress in the past year with our contribution towards the development of people regarding Health, Safety and Environmental practices.

We ensured that some of our client’s were re-certified, some were certified for the first time and some benefit personally from our involvement with their SHEQ teams.

Prime Link 2013 Highlights:


 Amazing ! We learned that there are people that really appreciate learning more about SHEQ ! They valued the most the 18 Pillar Integration Model that Prime Link use for implementation. The BRADY, DIGILEX, EXTIN and PRIME LINK Team were surprised by the upcoming of this event where Portugal, India, Italy and many other countries were represented.


Our Prime Link Team expanded !

I’ve worked as consultant for the past 8 years and at last could get together a team of people that I can rely on ! Professionals that contributed so long in their careers towards the improvement of SHEQ systems, trained so many students and made thousands of recommendations to organizations in order to improve their SHEQ or Food Safety Systems.

These professionals agreed to be part of a “Link” that solve “Puzzles” together ! We cannot wait to support your organization as a team !