Our Clients

Afrisam Implement Occupational health Clinic Quality Management Systems
Athermal RetortTechnologies Hazardous Chemical Industry: SHEQ Integrated Management System Implementation and Software System Implementation
Skorpion zinc Mining Industry(Anglo American-Namibia): Implementation and Integration of Integrated Management Systems. Integration of Oracles and SHEQ Software system development and SHEQ and ISO related training
NOSA Partner to MicroMega Group of companies
NQA Facilitation and Auditing for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001. Development of training material
Action Training Academy Facilitation, development of training material
Bell Dewar Legal Industry: Bell Dewar – Implementation of Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008)
City power Power Industry:  1st aid and other SHE related training
Eskom2 Power Industry: Environmental Legal Liability Audits
Extin-Maputo Fire, Safety, Security Industry:  Integrated SHEQ System Implementation and Software Implementation
Green Gain Software Development Industry: ISO 27001 Implementation and partner
Megatron Power manufacturing Industry: Implementation of Integrated Management Systems
Mozal Cross-boarder:Training and SHEQ Consultation
Namport Harbor Industry:  ISO 9001 Gap Audits
One logix Logistics Industry:  Integrated SHEQ Gap Audits
Transnet Transportation Industry:  SHEQ Training
Xperien Manufacturing Manufacturing Industry: Integrated Training and Software Implementation
Parmalat Food Industry:  Implement Occupational health Clinic Quality Management Systems
prominent paints Chemical Manufacturing Industry:  Skills development and development of Quality Management System, Accreditation at CHIETA-SETA
SARCO Steel mills Industry:  Legal compliance audits
AdvantageACT SHEQ Training and consulting Industry: Maintained and Developed Quality Management Systems. Consulting and Integrated Management System Implementations