Prime Link engaged in our membership forum to assist Implementation consultants, Auditors and Facilitators in the SHEQ and ISO industry to obtain more business.

Our membership fee is 60% refundable every year if you don’t benefit from our service delivery.

What is the benefits to register with Prime Link?

  1. Be listed as Consultant, Auditor or Facilitator on our website and be exposed to all the clients that we target during our sales process;
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  7. Engaged with others in the industry and improve your skills and knowledge.

Become a member of Prime Link and contribute to our global goal to improve SHEQ Practices in Africa. Let us work together in improving the competency of our country.

Create and be part of the opportunities that Prime Link create for those that are unemployed. Be part of our commitment to improve Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality standards and provide excellent customer service in our country!

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Membership Registration:

  • Register online via any page
  • You will receive an email to verify your application
  • Your application will be reviewed and approved within 3 days
  • You will receive an invoice and once proof of payment is received, you will receive your member number. Please send POP to:
  • Renewal of membership will be done annually on the birth date of your registration
  • Commissions on referrals are paid every 4 months
  • If you have not been utilized for services during the year, 40% of the membership fees paid, will be paid back during the last month of membership.
  • Membership fees available on request: