Published on: 2016-07-20

Grayston bridge

Grayston Bridge Collapse The enquiry into the Grayston bridge collapse has revealed shocking short cuts being taken by construction companies South Africa’s building-industry code could be set for major changes following damning evidence of a cowboy culture and unprofessional practices that emerged during a probe into the collapse of a temporary structure over a highway in Johannesburg.Read more about what SAIOSH published in regards to this incident! The revision of the OHSAS 18001 Standard is really an opportunity for companies to make the implementation and enforcement of Occupational Health and Safety Practices much easier. I believe that each and every  company needs at least to align their businesses with these practices. With ISO 45001 on our doorstep, the improvement of Occupational Health and Safety practices is absolutely imperative to adopt.

I firmly believe that each CEO wants to enforce a motto of “Zero Tolerance”. It is however impossible if people’s behavior are not managed! I ask myself the question everyday:

  • “Why does employee’s, that earn a salary and have excellent perks, not take responsibility for their actions?
  • Why are HR manager’s not empowered to take much more severe actions against employee’s that do not follow the rules?
  • Why would you ever reduce budget on Health and Safety?
  • And most of all, Why are CEO’s not MUCH MORE involved in the enforcement of these practices?

I recently proposed an excellent package to a large enterprise and their response were that they don’t have budget to implement the basic training or invest in consultancy service. A few weeks later we were asked to assist them with the investigation of 2 fatalities! Then only, did they accept our proposal.  Must we wait for a fatality before we take action?

Come on CEO’s! I urge you today to take more action by approving budgets to prevent fatalities.  Let’s work together on this. Let us assist you in changing people’s behavior and implement systems compatible with your own business processes.I trust each CEO that reads this, will be encouraged to invest in saving lives.

The Grayston Bridge Article – from SAIOSH:C:UsersMarianneAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsINetCacheContent.OutlookVN44MJ90email%20(002).mht

Legal News

Profession photo-TertiusLEGAL SERVICES – By Attorney Tertius Basson

“To be part of the Prime Link Team was one of the most rewarding decisions I’ve made for many years. Observing the growth of the people in some of the companies where the Prime Link Team were involved, is absolutely incredible! People actually start to grasp the fact that legislation is not there to bound you, but to provide very clear guidelines on how to protect, be fair and ultimately to ensure justice are served to those that not following the guidelines.”

“You might argue that “Others” don’t comply, but is it not your ultimate goal to achieve excellence? To be a sustainable organization, one has to equip Top management with the relevant guidance and support to adhere to legislation and therefore the Legal Team, leaded by myself, would provide a FREE consultation to Top Management to explain our service offerings that suite your exact needs.”

Send an email to: to set up a meeting.

Student News


Thatayaone Mogapi                 Motshwari Mfaladi

Thatayaone MogapiMotshwari Mfaladi

Fantastic Progress for our SHEQ-IMS Online Students from Botswana! With very little intervention, these two students managed to complete Module 1 – 3 of the ON-LINE course and earn their certificates through hard work and dedication! I am very proud of you and cannot wait to issue your SHEQ Practitioner Qualifications! Keep up the good work guys and share your knowledge with others! – Marianne

Training News

FIRST AID TRAINING WITH A DIFFERENCE! Sr.MarianneSr.Marianne  says: “Be prepared. If you really want to be a great First Aider, ensure that you will be able to assist your colleagues. Ask yourself if you will  be able to treat an open finger fracture and are you prepared to handle such a situation? Will a hard hat and goggles help?” Send your answer to Sr.Marianne on our facebook blog…

Let me show you how you can save a finger, a foot, a arm or a leg wiOpen finger fractureth the right knowledge and right “Mind-over matter-attitude” during our First Aid Level 2 and 3 courses.     Be prepared today!

                                                                                                                                      Roll outSHEQ INTEGRATED ROLL-OUT PROGRAMME (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001(ISO 45001)

Train your staff members to become SHEQ Practitioners and implement a SHEQ Integrated System effectively.  Be part of our SHEQ Integrated Role-out programme  and save training and consultation costs  up to 40% ! We offer our Health Management Courses (HMC) and Safety Management Course(SMC) Range at 40% discount for the company that enroll 3 SHEQ Practitioner students. Contact us if you are interested to participate. T’s & C’s apply.


Join us in a learning experience where you will experience 5 days of “Being an Auditor”. Attend this course to understand the interpretation of the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001… Soon to be ISO 45001 standards.
  • If you attend this course before December 2016, you get your Transition to ISO 45001 for 50% Discount! An offer that you cannot miss!

Check out our accredited courses on the link provided. Where we need to customize a training course for you, let us talk… Click below for our training schedules for each branch.

Other News


Green Gain - Legal WorkshopThank you to Nicolai Massyn and his team for hosting this excellent EHS Legal Workshop event! The clients received very valuable information on the interpretation of EHS legislation by Liezel and Marianne discussed the challenges that organizations face during the transition period for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. The next EHS Workshop runs during August. Book your seat now at


Green Gain, as one of Prime Link’s most reputable clients, started with aligning their organisation  with ISO 27001 Standard requirements. Prime Link is proud to say that we established a team of ISO 27001(Information Security) and ISO 22301 (Business Continuity) Implementer.  Green Gain is setting an example for various other software development companies to ensure that their clients information are secure to the “T”. For your ISO 27001 Software Solution Demonstration send us an email today to: