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Marianne van Niekerk - Managing Director

Marianne van Niekerk has more than 30 years working experience in the health industry as Registered Occupational Health Nurse. She established her own consultancy, ME-Learning (CC) in 2006 and in 2015 registered the company Prime Link. The company focus on preparing organisations for Certification on various ISO standards as well as  services related to compliance strategies and risk management.

Marianne is qualified as Lead Auditor on ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 as well as Education Training and Development Practitioner. Her passion for transferring knowledge resulted in the establishment of a skills development programme for SHEQ Practitioners, Internal auditors and Document and Systems Administrators. She further established a Wellness clinic  to improve the Wellbeing of Employees in the workplace.

The Prime Link project team consists of Project managers, Risk and compliance specialists, Lawyers,  Internationally qualified Auditors (Internal & Certification Auditors), Document and System Administrators and SHE Officers. To add to the resources we partner with reputable training and software companies to add value to our service offerings.

The team offers a high standard of quality service and survived the COVID-19 Pandemic through innovation and “Thinking out of the box” ideas!

Jacques Engelbrecht
Wellness Programme Leader
BA Psycology

Jacques is excellent in facilitating growth on individual level, on team level and overall organizational human capital development and restructuring level. He create a safe environment where individuals start thinking outside their comfort zone and then facilitate a process to implement new habits and actions.

He is passionate about working with teams/groups and guiding them through the phases of forming, storming, norming and eventually performing as a highly effective, mature and engaged team. Just by talking to Jacques provides a comfort zone for personal growth.

Hugo van Niekerk
B.Eng.Chemical, B.N(Honx)- Control Engineering, MEM (Engineering Management)

Hugo plays a vital role as Project Engineer, Cyber Security Specialist, Automation Consultant and Technical Behavioural Coach in Prime Link. He adds value to any ISO, Engineering or Cyber Security Project as well as Process Re-engineering projects to ensure that our Clients get the most out of their efforts.

Hugo provides consultations, conduct various types of audits in Cybersecurity and is passionate about developing young entrepeneurs in the Engineering field.