2015 Reflecting

Published on: 2016-01-26
Category: General news

“Sjoe, time fly when you have fun”, they say. 2015 were fun and between marriage, new house, new husband, the business booming in the beginning of the year already….. I can only be thankful that the Universe (God),  were with me through all of it!

A huge THANK YOU to ONE LOGIX Group of companies for their contribution to our successes during 2015. We conducted 18 Integrated Gap Audits within 4 months and our auditors were excellent in managing their time, reports, photo’s, etc. to make it worth while for our client. To all the sites that we audited, we wish you all the best in improving your systems during 2016. To the Prime Link’s auditors… you were champions during this project ! Thank you very much!

A-thermal retort technologies achieved Integrated Certification after our implementation period of 18 months and with major changes that this company faced, the management team’s commitment towards the project, reaped the benefits for them at the end of 2015. Over 30 people were up skilled and some internal auditors and 2 SHEQ Practitioners were trained to maintain their system further. They will be registered as SHEQ Practitioners at SAIOSH as well!

We are proud to say that one of our Partners, Green Gain Consulting (GGC), has committed to enhancing their internal Quality Management System by including the requirements of the ISO 27001:2013 Standard for Information Security Management. In aligning with the requirements of this Standard, GGC is:

  • Improving its products and services;
  • Improving the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data hosted on its system;
  • Ensuring that it positions itself as a leading provider of Integrated SHEQ Management Systems.

Prime Link is managing the implementation of ISO 27001:2013 for Green Gain Consulting – we look forward to assist your business in this regard. Contact us today for a Gap Analysis and Information Security Risk Assessment.

How does your DNA make you the person that you are?

One of my highlights during 2015 were the coaching course that I’ve attended to  equipped myself with more knowledge about personality types. I’ve included this valuable information in our leadership development project, “From Zombie to Tombie” and also include this now in our internal auditing training. The aim of the “Zombie to Tombie” is to improve Employee performance and commitment towards their jobs, but also to understand themselves and their teams better.

This exiting new approach include the assessment of an individual’s personal profiles, Analysis of personality types and personal / team coaching sessions! Our team of coaches are professional and have years of experience, thus adding the benefit of developing a team that will  improve teamwork, communication and leadership commitment. During internal auditing, auditors become much more aware of the culture of the organization, and can assist in the change management process of enhancing business processes, improvement of Quality management systems and customer service delivery!


With all of this good news, I want to thank the Prime link team for their support and hard work. With everybody that had their own personal goals and challenges to achieve it, I want to say that you did good by just BEING best self !

I look forward to make 2016 an even better year by offering high standard service to a few clients, making a difference in a few students life’s and ensuring that we build bridges  to extent partnerships with Quality People!

Quality Greetings