Prime Link End year 2013

Published on: 2013-11-13

The Blue Crane Restaurant in Brooklyn, Pretoria

The Blue Crane Restaurant in Brooklyn, Pretoria sets a comforting environment where the “Bold and Beautiful” could be at peace. People who run around on a daily basis to improve SHEQ practices in SA and abroad.

Everybody that was “Disconnected” is now “Connected” through Prime Link to share their goals and passion! We look forward to TRIPPLE our seats at the 2014 Year End!

Everybody had different reasons to arrive at this event, but I know that everybody around that table is passionate about the improvement of life at work, life at home and SHEQ! My aim for Prime Link is to offer a sustainable,integrated SHEQ System to our client.

By utilzing Prime Link, our clients contribute to the development of community projects and assist us in improving SMME’s and the SHEQ culture in our country! I believe that the implementation of a Quality System is the baseline of any company. Without that, no Safety, Health, Environmental, Food Safety, HACCP or Production of products and delivery of service, can be sustainable. We look forward to your registration as one of Prime Link’s members!

The introduction of the new Directors, Beyers Van Niekerk and Tersius Basson

Direkteure, Tertius en Beyers2

 was the starting point of this event! A few strategic goals were shared to be achieved during 2014: Certification on ISO 9001:2008 and Accreditation at Service SETA.

The Burkea Training Centre – Where your company can make a difference

We are pleased to announce that Prime Link embarked in an agreement with BURKEA TRAINING CENTRE, a Section 21 company, where our clients / companies can contribute to the sponsorships of a Skills Development Programme for Grade 10’s – 12’s in a Technical School Setting. (See our SHEQ IMS brochure)

The Prime Link Team

Lientjie (Marketing manager), Monique (Sales and Client Liaison manager), your commitment and perseverance with “short notice” instructions, is really appreciated!

Our Clients

Welcome to one of our clients, Megatron, represented by Carrie Ann Bennett (SHEQ Manager) and Darryn Brackenridge (Sales and Marketing manager). We thank you for your continuous service during the past year and we look forward to achieve an Integrated ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Certification during 2014!

Our Suppliers

VN Marketing (Website design & Printing), Simplexity (Application / Website Engineering), The Ross Group (Certification Body) and Digilex (SHEQ Software Solutions).

Without your dedicated products and services, PrimeLink would not be able to provide an excellent service to our clients. We hope in future many more clients will have the privilege to utilise your services!

Our Specialists

Kobus Gerber (HR Consultant), Hendrik Visser (Legal Consultant), Ana Deema (Environmental & Food Safety Consultant), Jorina Olivier (Training Specialist), Stephan Geldenhuys (OHSAS 18001 Lead Auditor).

Thank you for sharing your expertise with Prime Link. I believe that your knowledge and experience will contribute greatly to our clients’ benefit! Thank you for your commitment towards Prime Link and the goals that we are aiming for!

I hope that this event will be the first of many more to come.