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Aim to align or certify on ISO 45001:2015 to improve your Occupational health and safety in 2019. Let us help you to make this  huge responsibility easier to manage.

SHEQ Integrated Management Systems Consultants

Prime Link is B-BBEE-Level 2 company consisting of a consortium of Professional Auditors, Legal, Environmental, Health, Safety, IT, HR specialists that are dedicated to provide Quality service that are aligned with ISO 9001 and other Quality Standard requirements. With more than 30 years of collective experience, Prime Link has incorporated reputable suppliers of products and services as resources to ensure that we provide state of the art service to our clients.

We provide auditing and compliance of the following standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000.


Our Business Improvement Model

We provide our clients a business improvement model that ensure a sustainable, cost effective way to ensure legal compliance and obtaining the best performance from your business resources.

Implementation Strategy

The Prime Link approach starts with the analysis of your business process flows and business system in order to understand the scope of your organization. Once we have a clear understanding of the business system that you need in order to improve revenue and sustainability, we will assist you to understand compliance with Law and Regulatory Requirements. With this knowledge we assist you to identify Business Risks and prioritize these Risks carefully. Whether these risks are related to any Enterprise Risk, E.g. Legal compliance, Sustainability, Occupational health & safety, Environmental, Security, Food safety, Information Security, we assist you to ensure these are identified, documented and controlled.

The alignment of the organizational processes to the type of SHEQ System that is implemented is imperative for the sustainability of the organisation. Prime Link’s focus is to enhance the organizational processes through the SHEQ System. Operational alignment is one of the key aspects to start with. We also believe NOT to re-invent everything. You are already running a successful business!

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The most important benefit for an organization when investing in human capital is that it contributes to the ultimate goal of SUSTAINABILITY of the organisation, thus ensuring economic growth, retaining of capital, Improvement of a quality workforce converting your organizational processes into profitability.
In order to control a organizational processes, the organization need to define specific responsible people and ensure that they are competent to maintain these processes.

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What is compliance? Compliance is the act of being in alignment with guidelines, regulations and/or legislation. Organizations must ensure that they are in compliance with legal, statutory, standards, clients and various other criteria. This becomes a challenge if you don’t look at Integration of these requirements to the organizational processes. Often duplication, re-work, incompetency, high consultancy costs and many other factors challenge an organization to comply with all of these requirements. Prime Link simplifies this process and removes the “puzzled details” for you in order for your teams to focus on the continuation of production.

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Implementing a software system that compliments your organizational needs is only ONE of the challenges faced. Prime Link evaluated various Software Systems that address SHEQ Integrated Solutions. The most important evaluation criteria that need to be considered is: Secured Data, Easy useable functionalities, Customizability to address the organizational needs, Data Validity and Data Quality. More criteria is important, but these are critical in choosing your software system. Prime Link’s partnership with Green Gain Consulting offers a solution that comply with all above critical criteria.

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Re-engineer your business processes today to ensure you utilize your resources effectively to mitigate your risks, improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue!

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